Monday, May 3, 2010

Joseph Recounts the Journey

So day one….

But first, Why do I always start out stories with So…

So… Day one.

We got a late start with all the packing we had not done and all the cleaning we had not had time to do and all the not wanting to really do this we were feeling we kinda put things off a bit.

Lesson one. When packing up to move and you only own one car, get done early so you can run all those errands you need to do BEFORE hooking a 2000 pound trailer onto the back of your car. I mean it is seriously impossible to take a bunch of stuff to the Salvation Army when you have no room in the car for anything but you and Jenny and the cat.

Now lets talk about the cat. I tell Jenny and the cat all the time that I hate him (the cat). This is clearly not true. I happen to adore him no matter how many times he wakes me up or makes me step on him or is just in general a VERY VERY VERY bad cat. But I do love him. In fact I love him so much that I took Jenny and I to the vet to ask for a sedative for the cat because he does not travel well. Now it is true that the vet is kind of hot and I may not have been paying super close attention but this is sort of what I remember.

Joseph: “Can you give us a sedative for the cat? We're going on a really long car ride.”

Vet Lady: “Just give him benedryl.”

Joseph: “How much?”

Vet Lady : “A quarter tablet, or 1.3 ml of children's benedryl.”

Joseph: “OK!”

See not a lot of conversation for me to be distracted by her hotness even if Jenny was.

So lesson two. When giving your cat a medication that he has never had before, try it out before hand or he will throw up all over YOUR head and not Jenny's. All down your back, and all over the seat and all over you and not anywhere near Jenny and all over your seat and hat and back and not anywhere near Jenny and then Jenny will say “Oh its just because he loves you."

We were on our way to dinner at a great little restaurant that gives these frequent diner cards and we were going to try and use ours for $10 off.

After getting cleaned up in the parking lot of Price Chopper. We headed to the restaurant and had a decent meal, however….

Lesson Three: When in a hurry make sure the restaurant knows whose section they put you in so you don’t sit there for 45 minutes before you finally get someone’s attention and they come over and say “Oh sorry there was a mistake and no one knew whose section you were in.” It was a good meal though and they make a great chicken sandwich. And they did give us our whole meal for free because they forgot the horseradish sauce when we asked for it.

Then we got on the road and headed out. We drove 5 hours or so and then we couldn’t stay awake anymore. So off we pull to an EconoLo(Bleep out of the corporate name) and Jenny looks online at Priceli(bleep out of the corporate name) and finds a better deal about 14 minutes away. So I say “Sorry we found a rate of 65 including tax so were going to go there.”

Lesson Four: Don’t hand your credit card to someone unless they WRITE down how much they are going to charge you no matter what they SAY. They can just say they said something different later on. Then you pay WAY too much for the dirtiest smelliest hotel ever!

Lesson Five: No matter what you do or endure, it really is an adventure, no matter how bad or stressful it is when right next to you is someone you love more than breath and they are happy to be with you in this life.

NEXT TIME: An explanation of how we got here and why without blame or accusation. Think I can do that. Or How did dis 'appen? (spoken in a Janeane Garofalo french accent).

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