Monday, May 3, 2010

Jenny: What Is the Quacklemeister Life?

Many people ask Joseph and I questions about our life, what we are up to, how we met, why we do what we do and for how many jelly beans, etc. And sometimes we ask ourselves the same questions. So we decided the best way to muse and disseminate was through this blog. We also have tons of friends that we lost to frequent and abrupt cross-country moves. We like to keep in touch, but we're really bad at it.

So with good intentions in one hand and technology in the other I bring you: The Quacklemeister Life.


Have you ever met Jenny or Joseph Quacklemeister?

Do you like Jenny or Joseph Quacklemeister and/or want and/or used to be friends with either or both of them?

Do you enjoy reading dissemination or musings?

Do you have questions that you'd like answered?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this blog is for you.

Introducing The Quacklemeisters

Why Quacklemeister? It's a name I made up in high school when forced to explain, pseudo-anonymously how our relationship came to be. It’s unique, meaningless name that screams US! Those weird people who live (insert our current address).

Me: Jenny Blankety- a 22-year-old woman. Like a frozen computer screen, I’m confused, but working on it.

My boyfriend/fiancé/soulmate: Joseph Quacklemeister, 39. Professional calmnifier.

My cat: Prince Albert Unpierced Mushroomcap. Our cat is a very very very bad cat.

Ex-Mrs. Quacklemeister: Juliana Snackcrackerson, fyi.

Joseph’s daughter: Jasmine Snackscrackerson-Quacklemeister, 10. No, you're right, it should be Jasmine Quacklemeister-Snackcrackerson, but that’s another post for another time.

Side note: Some of you may be asking, what about the Valentines (Apex, Dalia, Aryn, et al)? Here is the corporate approved answer:

The Valentines is a religious organization whose members worship the number 17. This is not a religious blog. The Quacklemeisters do not approve or disapprove of any religion. Please redial the number and try again.

The Absolute Truth

I will tell the absolute truth. This is the internet and I understand that things can become unreasonable. If at any point telling the absolute truth on this blog becomes unreasonable, I will revert to AbsTru. AbsTru is a censoring program I installed in my brain. It rewords facts, data, opinions and events into TruNuggets. TruNuggets are easily digestible for those with sensitive brains. They’re salty, chewy and flavored with natural truth extract.

AbsTru TruNuggets: When you can’t chew what’s true!

Questions? Photos? Letters? Postcards? Opinionated Editorials? Recipes? Reviews? Advice? Long Distance Art/Performance?
Tells us what you want and we will deliver!

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